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Green Clean
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Replace sanitizers with natural chemicals using natural citric acid. Replace odor control products with natural enzymatic-bacterial digester. Replace chlorinated bleach with non-chlorinated products this includes wipes too. Replace toilet bowl cleaner with enzymatic-bacterial digester.

Bio-Cleanser Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Enzymatic abrasive, creme porcelain cleanser toilet bowl cleaner & drain maintainer
Blue Heaven
A biological heavy-duty odor counteract ant. Bio-engineered to digest odor producing bacteria
Botanical spray disinfectant
Made from 100% botanical ingredients. Proved to kill over 99% of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and fugal spores on hard surfaces.

Replace all aerosol products as they destroy the ozone layer

Plastic Trash Liners
Replace plastic liners with bio-liners. Plastic liners can stay in our landfills for 100 years. Bio-liners break down naturally in the landfill.

Pest Control
Replace dangerous chemical pest control with natural products safe for children and our environment.

Non-Toxic water based insecticide formulated with all natural orange oil extract

Laundry Detergent
Replace chlorinated products with non-chlorinated natural bacterial cleaning enzymes.

Light Bulbs
Where ever possible replace with low energy fluorescent bulbs.

Dust Control
Dust control is very important to your green status. Dust can cause allergic reactions especially around children.

Bio-based dust treatment. Made from U.S. grown soybeans. Treats dust mops, rags & dust cloths

Green Plants
Use green plants in your office to produce oxygen, filter the air and create a natural sound barrier.

Energy Saving Equipment
When purchasing equipment try to purchase units that conserve energy to reduce the demand on electricity.

Do not mix plastic with your trash! Reuse the bottles for applications in your cleaning. You will need the bottles as you will no longer use aerosol cans!