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About our service

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We are proactive in our efforts to clean. Our eyes and ears are tuned to the environment we are working in. When Van's cleans a building we build a healthy atmosphere and a long lasting customer relationship. Our methods are simple and effective:

Perpetual inspection and supervision. Quality control reports.

Floor rotation and cross training to enhance our available resources and promote ideas.

Daylight inspections. A building looks entirely different in the daylight.

Supervisors carry Laptops & cell phones to provide constant connection to our crew. Web and cell monitoring keep us connected in order for us to provide the very best service possible.

Direct involvement of our management to communicate daily with any situation.

Dedicated competent personnel who truly care about the condition of the building they are working in. Our employees wear photo ID cards

Communication book to provide daily communications to accommodate the hot spots and desires of our customers. As each request has been fulfilled the job is initialed and dated in the communication book by the crew leader. This provides the contact person with a valuable tool for future reference.

Customer satisfaction is the beginning of our process.

Van's professional communications and follow up make the difference!